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Baron von Beige

Baron von Beige (lower right) is pursued

A high ranking member of the Tan Army, who is also known as the "Tan Baron" who flies a Fokker Dr. I Triplane, like The Red Baron, but with some modifications like the missiles on the wings and the missile launchers on the tail. He wears a cape, a mask that covers his entire face except his eyes, and oxygen mask, even when on the ground. He is the main antagonist in Army Men: Air Attack 2 and Army Men: Air Combat- The Elite Missions. His voice sounds as though it is a machine which may hint at a possible wound similar to Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies, but during gameplay, Von Beige speaks in a normal tone.

He is responsible for the supplychain of the Tan factories and Refineries during Air Attack 2 events, he shows discontent with his talents being wasted in such bureaucracy, but according to Plastro his tactical mind and influencial presence is good for the morale of the army.

When Cpt.Blade goes AWOL the green army becomes hostage of Von Beige and the Tan army, which causes them huge losses according to Col.Grimm, who later states that the captain is the last hope of the green army.

After several losses of factories, refineries, radar dishes and bases, the Tan lead by Von Beige stage attacks on green bases using portals and super weapons, with the support of Cpt.Blade and his squad the greens successfully defend the bases.

During the middle of the story, he kidnaps Lt. Felicity Wannamaker, A.K.A "Bombshell" who is later rescued by Captain Blade and Sarge Hawk. Then he duels Blade and Bombshell in a final battle and in the end loses to both of them. Although assumed dead by Captain Blade after the battle at the end of Air Attack 2 and Air Combat - The Elite Missions, he survived the downing of his plane, with his machine voice back indicating that he suffered some kind of injury on the plane crash, but is never seen again. This is probably because of the bankruptcy of 3DO.

Baron Von Beige (Full Body)

Full Body of Baron Von Beige, the Tan Baron


  • He is based off of the real-life German fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen, better known as "The Red Baron". The Red Baron was the top ace of the First World War, with credit for 80 air combat victories.
  • Beige is a color that, like tan, is a shade of brown and they both greatly resemble each other.
  • He states that his pilots are better than William's (Cpt.Blade), indicating that he too have a battalion or a squad.
  • His resemblance to Vader from Star Wars isn't only on the voice, his relation with the Tan war production is similar to Vader's relation to the construction of the Death Star, the first cutscene of the game with him and Plastro talking about it is similar to the Emperor and Vader's conversation in Return of the Jedi. Also Von Beige is a very good pilot similar to Vader.