Army Men Wiki

Weapons Include:

--M16 Semi-Rifle--

This weapon is G.I. for all troops and is reliable but not too effective.The weapon fires the 5.56x45mm NATO in a 20-30 round detachable box magazine.

--M16 Auto-Rifle--

The Semi-Rifle while sacrificing accuracy.The weapon,Like it's Semi-Automatic counterpart,Fires the 5.56x45mm NATO in a 20-30 round detachable box magazine.

--M1 Bazooka--

This big tube fires a rocket that packs a punch!

--FRAG Grenade--

Pull the pin, throw, it goes bang!

--Minigun Avenger--

This big multi-barrel spins its barrels and fires so fast it overheats easy! Big rate of fire!


Pull the trigger and fire comes out!


Dead from afar. Lob high-explosives great distances. Difficult to aim properly, but it will destroy almost anything.


Not really a weapon, but invaluable. Detects Mines.


Timed explosives. Set, walk away, and watch them blow!


A Light Machine Gun that fires a 7.62x51mm NATO and has a large amount of ammuniton.Thick of Bravo Company is seen on numerous occassions carrying an M-60 with him.


What else? A can of flammable liquid under pressure, complete with a lighter.

--Magnifying Glass--

A searing pinpoint of sunlight will melt you enemies in (and) their boots.


An explosive firework that does massive damage to anything close by. Suicide bombers are seen with these strapped to their backs.