Army Men Wiki

There are many vehicles in Army Men games.

  • Tanks - The star of every army's vehicle fleet. They are very powerful and are sometimes unstoppable without explosives. However their powerful armor and firepower comes at a steep price in movement speed. Their turret also rotates at a slow rate, giving enough time for most trooper squads to destroy it. Used extensively by the Green, Tan and Blue armies.
  • Jeeps - Very fast vehicles that are armed with a heavy machine gun, posing a hazard to infantry who are on the run. They are featured as scouting vehicles for all nations.
  • Half-tracks - An armored version of the Truck with a machinegun, used by both the Green and Tan armies. they possess more armor than jeeps but lack the explosive firepower of the tank. They aren't as fast as normal trucks amd carry less troops.
  • Troop Truck - Used to transport soldiers or cargo. Unarmed. A reliable transport vehicle used by both the Green and Tan Republic armies.
  • Helicopters - Very fast, powerful vehicles next to the Tank and are almost unstoppable without anti-air weapons. The UH-1 Huey is highly used in the Army Men series and the default helicopter in Army Men: Air Attack and Army Men: Air Tactics. In all the games it is seen in, it is depicted as being the fastest helicopter with the most mobility. They can give good support to who calls them in. They have heavy guns and missiles, which are deadly against armor.
  • Planes - High altitude airplanes that are commonly used for delivering air-strikes, reinforcements or reconnaissance.
  • PT Boats - Fast water-crafts that are armed with a deadly vulcan gun. Normally used for transporting troops across waterbeds. Used in Army Men II and Army Men: Toys in Space. A fast attack boat capable of transporting troops used by both the Green and Tan armies.
  • Speeder - A vehicle used by the Galactic Army in Army Men: Toys in Space. It is very quick but has less health than other vehicles. It fires incendiary grenades.
  • Rover - A heavier and slower vehicle used by the Galactic Army. It acts as their version of a truck, carrying six passengers, but it also fires out freeze mortars, freezing struck enemies in place.
  • Medic - In Army Men: RTS, Medics appear as jeeps with Red Cross symbols on them, vital for doctoring infantry damage.