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Goofy army men warfare

Major Anderson defending his fortress

Army Men Warfare it's a merging & tower defense mobile game developed by Volcano Force, where the players must build the strongest army, gatering resources and building a base, employ effective tactics, defend against the fierce attacks of evil toys to win the toy war. It's the sucesor of Army Men Striike, but with the player experiencing the combination of merging and tower defense. The graphic quality of the game is superior and uses elements of Army Men Strike, but it is a more simplified experience.

Game description:[]

Evil toy forces have invaded the entire house. The mission of driving out the evil forces and reclaiming our territory falls on your shoulders! The green toy soldiers and the righteous heroes have gathered together, waiting for your command. Players will play the role of the commander of the toy soldiers and embark on a quest to crush the evil toys’ dreadful scheme, protect the home base, rescue the allied forces taken away by the enemy, collect all the resources available for development, and ultimately eliminate the evil force and restore order. Righteousness will reign, and evildoers will be held accountable!


  • Battle of Toy Soldiers: Experience the thrill of toy warfare through over 20 chapters of story-driven gameplay. Each stage in the game has its own unique gameplay, allowing players to devise the best tactics to defeat the enemy forces according to the characteristics of the battlefield!
  • Assemble Heroes: Toy heroes to the battlefield! Players can use heroes and their unique skills to tackle the villains head-on, or lead troops to engage in dynamic Open Field battles and fight for victory!
  • Diversified Hero Combinations: Experience the fight and struggle between toy soldiers with a combination of 180 heroes and over 900 battle formations!
  • Fight with Allies: Enjoy the game with friends with its rich social system, allowing players to freely create or join alliances and fight together with their allies.
  • High-Quality Graphics: Experience the Army Men IP with vibrant and creative art designs, featuring heroes, foes, and atmosphere, all presented in stunning, high-quality 3D graphics!
  • Sandbox Gameplay: Enjoy sandbox gameplay with a high degree of freedom, command your toy troops, compete against tens of thousands of players, and reign victorious on the vast battlefield!

Take command of your toy soldiers and lead them to victory!