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Army Men Strike is a freemium strategy game from the Army Men series released for iOS and Android on December 2017. It was developed by Beijing Yuanli Lengjing Technology Co., Ltd.

The game has little to no story connection to the continuity of any previous Army Men games. However, it does retain the idea of there being a separate Plastic World and Real World, unlike Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune.

General Plastro is a background antagonist in the game, but the role of main antagonist is filled by Colonel Destruction. Plastro still appears prominently in some pieces of promotional artwork. In addition, both Sgt. Hawk and Thick are prominently featured in the game's promotional material.



Army Men Strike has mostly positive reviews on the app store. However, it has also received criticism for misleadingly advertising itself in a way that would lead users to believe it was a first-person shooter.

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