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Army Men II is a real-time tactics game developed and published by 3DO on March 3rd, 1999. It was later re-released on November 22nd, 2000, and November 24th, 2000 for the Game Boy Color, although this version featured a different storyline and altered gameplay.

Army Men II arguably has the most variable types of enemies in the series, which include plastic soldiers with M80s strapped to their bodies, zombies, an independent group which includes all colors of plastic soldiers, scientists, and even "real life" foes such as cockroaches. There are also a wide variety of battlefields that take place both in the Real World and the Plastic World. Army Men II furthered the concept of portals (initially introduced in Army Men, which function as gateways between the Plastic World and the Real World.

Being a sequel to Army Men, the gameplay is nearly identical. However, controls are much more fluid and responsive, and greater control is given over individual units in Sarge's squad.


Army Men II features Sarge as the main character and his initial struggle to escape the Real World back to his own. Once he does, Sarge and his squad constantly juggle back and forth between the Plastic World and the Real World, completing objectives to halt General Plastro's, and Major Mylar's schemes.

Army Men II Storyline[]

In the continuing saga of plastic soldiers, the four factions, Green, Tan, Blue, and Grey are still at war. No army so far is having the upper hand over the other... but that is about to change, as it is clear there are many powers at work. Magical portals into other worlds smear the boundaries between what is real and what is plastic.

When we last left Sarge, he had just entered our world looking to dispose of the Tan army. Leading his plastic infantry against the Republican forces, Sarge attacks through dirty dishes, mugs, and even the kitchen sink - battling off cockroaches and Tan troopers along the way. Combat has never been so cruel and inhumane. It's time to get back to HQ in the plastic world! After countless battles, dangerous missions, and newfound enemies, the Green army still faces the Tan enemy, growing stronger and stronger each passing moment.

Sarge crosses multiple planes and battles the Tan in environments ranging from a steamy jungle we call a front yard, to a hobby table filled with strange and unusual vehicles, to a climatic battle in a fantastic toy playset. Sarge's enemies range from zombies created from scorched plastic parts to fanatical suicide bombers with M80's strapped to their backs. The Tan Commander is definitely up to something. Can Sarge and his Green army find out what - and thwart it before it's too late?

Act I[]

The game opens with a cutscene, showing Sarge and three other Green Soldiers being teleported to a kitchen in the Real World. Unbeknownst to the Green Troops, the Tan Commander, General Plastro, had arrived at the portal with a large force of troops, who begin to march through it, and into the Real World. Shortly after the Tan do, a renegade force led by Major Mylar destroy the portal, closing it off. The Tan troops suddenly ambush Sarge and his men, starting a firefight across the kitchen counter. Sarge and his men are forced to flee due to the insurmountable Tan emerging behind them. However, after crossing an electric stove top, they become engaged with cockroaches. Making short work of these pests, Sarge finds a portal back to the Plastic World hidden inside a cookie jar.

Once back, Sarge attempts to contact HQ, but nobody responds to his call. Upon investigating the area, Sarge discovers a broken radio antenna that was preventing his broadcast from reaching headquarters, as well as a Green Veteran being held captive by the Tan that he subsequently rescues. The Veteran readily joins Sarge's squad and points him in the direction of a shack with repair tools in it. Once Sarge retrieves it, he falls back to the antenna and repairs it. He then attempts to rebroadcast his message and receives a response; headquarters informs him that a train is stopping at the local station and they need him to board it. Sarge does so, and he is redeployed to a tank factory and given a new mission.

Sarge is ordered to defend a train carrying tanks vital to the war effort, and the bridge that the train needs to cross. After moving to defend the bridge, a horde of Tan tanks appear as a last ditch effort to sabotage the train. Using spare vehicles from the factory, Sarge and his squad are able to fend off the Tan tanks successfully. Sarge then proceeds to the next area.

Sarge arrives at an airfield under attack. After clearing the surrounding area, and the airfield itself, he rescues the "Old Man", who proceeds to tell him that a Blue Spy had been cornered by Tan troops. Racing against the clock, Sarge and the Old Man arrive in a forest tucked away to the south of the airfield. Sarge and his squad then escorts the two to a helipad, where they both extract.

Act II[]

Finally making it back to headquarters, the commanding officer explains that he sent the "Colonel" on a top secret mission two weeks ago. He played back a transmission for Sarge, detailing that the Colonel had discovered an excavation mission before all contact was lost with him. The commanding officer then says a Scout was sent to look for him, but contact was lost with him as well. Sarge and his squad are then deployed to the tropical islands where the transmission was sent from. After heavy fighting, and piloting a PT boat, Sarge is able to rescue the Scout.

The Scout describes that the Colonel has gone insane and taken over nearby ruins with a handful of troopers from the different nations in the war. While en route to the ruins, Sarge runs across a Grey landing party, but is unable to ascertain why they were there in the first place. Defeating them, he and his squad make their way to the ruins, where they are forced to kill plastic soldiers of all colors; even Green. Sarge is able to confront the Colonel after all this and tries, unsuccessfully, to reason with him. The Colonel questions Sarge on how much he actually knows about "reality", stating "You only know what you've been told." He continues by saying that the only way to restore peace is by "eliminating all soldiers", and promptly escapes into a portal back to the Real World.

Sarge and his men follow the Colonel through the portal, and are almost immediately ambushed by M80 Soldiers. They're forced to push their way through the swarm as they make their way into a nearby garden to take shelter from the suicide bombers, but encounter Tan resistance. After defeating them, they enter the front lawn, and after more heavy fighting, Sarge is able to silence the Colonel's delusions. After a humorously brief moment of silence Sarge requests due to the death of the Colonel, they work their way towards another portal that takes them to another set of tropical islands. They are then ordered by HQ to rescue the Old Man.

While quiet at first, Sarge stumbles upon unsettling wreckage of a Green helicopter. Soon after, he stumbles upon the Old Man, who was tied to a chair as part of a trap created for Sarge. After rescuing him, Sarge and his men are constantly assaulted by an army of zombies, created by Dr. Madd. Intel reveals that the abominations were being created from a mold factory that was powered by generators scattered around the islands. Sarge and his team manage to destroy all the generators, but unfortunately, Dr. Madd escaped during the fighting. Once finished, they were extracted and taken to another area.

Now in a desert, Sarge and his team were tasked with dismantling and disrupting an excavation site centered around an unusual discovery - an 8-Ball. Sarge pushes north to an area where a group of scientists were performing an experiment on a Tan soldier, apparently enhancing him with increased durability and halts their research. They attempt to retreat via a helipad, but Sarge is able to kill most of them before they can escape. Now tasked with another objective, Sarge proceeds towards the 8-Ball and defeats the Tan opposition there, as well as demolishing anti-aircraft guns. An air strike is called upon the 8-Ball, and its destruction reveals yet another portal hidden within.

Act III[]

Venturing through the portal, Sarge and his team find themselves in a workshop. They are tasked with defending a makeshift bridge from M80 soldiers while reinforcements arrive. Continuing forward with new reinforcements, Sarge encounters more zombies and Tan smugglers, who are stealing items from the Real World to bring back to their world. Sarge and his men are able to hold off both the smugglers and the zombies, and enter another portal through a miniature diorama of the Titanic.

Sarge arrives at Area X, a hidden Tan facility deep within a forest. Just as before, M80 troopers assault them immediately, but Sarge and his men are able to hold off the threat. As Sarge proceeds deeper into the facility, he discovers material from the Real World strewn about, as well as a handful of Tan scientists. He is able to kill the scientists and destroy local generators, preventing the Tan Republic from studying portals further. His team are then called away for another mission.

Sarge and his men are deployed to a large Tan fortress with a weapon of mass destruction. Sarge is tasked with destroying this weapon, but the Tan opposition is too overwhelming; taking shelter in a hidden area, Sarge is able to sneak into the base. Here, he finds the Blue Spy from his earlier missions and rescues him. The Blue Spy rewards Sarge with a Tan disguise, allowing him to sneak through the base undetected. He obtains a key allowing him access to the weapon, but he is initially unable to find the correct door the key unlocks. Once inside the main compound, Sarge swiftly destroys the weapon using explosives, and sets the base on high alert. Sarge and his team manage to fight through the Tan horde emerging from buildings on base and exit into a portal.

They find themselves in a child's bedroom, with an assortment of obstacles scattered everywhere. However, Sarge is able to spot Major Mylar on top of a castle playset. Fighting through the heavy Tan opposition, and taking advantage of the playset, Sarge and his team are able to take down Mylar and put an end to him.


The final cutscene shows the castle fortress Mylar was using as a base aflame, with defeated Tan soldiers, and vehicles, strewn about. In a final attempt to kill Sarge, Major Mylar readies a grenade. Just as he's about to throw it, however, his arm melts off due to the flames consuming his fortress. Sarge manages to jump off the ledge of the castle just as the grenade detonates, which takes out the remaining Tan and obliterates the fortress. Not long after, a numerous amount of Green vehicles show up and celebrate their triumph over Mylar. Sarge says to them, "You gasoline cowboys sure know how to give lead medicine to the Tan bastards, don't you? We were done for if you guys hadn't shown up."

The camera then pans up to the top of a dresser in the same room, where General Plastro can be seen with a few Tan soldiers. He remarks that he's glad Sarge was able to dispose Mylar, and that'd he'd promote Sarge, "if [he] weren't Green". He finished by saying that he has something special planned for Sarge the next time they meet.

Later on, in an unknown room, Dr. Madd is seen piecing together all the parts of Major Mylar, which concludes the final cutscene.

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