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Army Men 3D posses significant cut content from the original PC game. Here are some of the examples:

Walled City from Casa Plastica[]

AM3D Beta screenshot walled city

A screenshot from the beta

In the original game, as part of the plot, a small walled city was assaulted in order to steal plastic from the bank. This was to appear and unused textures can be found in the multiplayer level "Snake Canyon". [1]

Cut Desert levels[]

There are several Desert levels shown in promotional content that don't appear in-game, featuring more tanks, landscapes (that are seen in the game) and even more allies.

Bourbon street[]

AM3D cut bourbon street

While this level did appear in the game, it was originally going to be much larger than in the original game, most of the blockades were not present as seen in the images.

Cut Bayou level[]

Bayou cut map

Singleplayer promo image [2]

This level could be based on the first levels played in the original game, although it appears to be a later part of the graveyard. It is unknown if it was a multiplayer or single player level.

Cut idle animation[]

AM3D cut desert map 3

Sarge standing still

As seen in the screenshots, the player and its allies could stand still as the grenadiers, it was likely cut as it didn't sync with the rest of the animations, as seen in some images.

Beta Tank[]

Beta AM3D Tank

This tank had more polygons, the remains of it can be seen in the first level of the Bayou area, its turret is loaded in the levels with tanks, although it requires serious hacking to be able to change the turret[3].

Hidden Objects[]

Hidden content in snake canyon

Hidden content in snake canyon.

The hidden objects[4] are assets located outside the maps or even in the regular play area. There is also a dynamite pack alongside mines hidding inside every map.

Gray cargo truck[]

Gray cargo truck

the truck its self

A gray cargo truck exists in the game and can be spawned through hacking. The truck is bugged and causes the game to register every enemy that gets killed as an instant mission failed. [5]

Cut Green Plane[]

Unused AM3D Plane texture


A plane.TIM texture file can be found in the game files, the model hasnt been found yet.

2 player vehicle placement[]

During development it was possible to place vehicles before the round begins. this feature was cut before release but its remains can be found in the data and while not possible to place them in troop placement the vehicles meant to be place do however spawn in the follow maps

tanks o lot has both 1 green and tan jeep

cabin fever has 2 green and tan tanks

snake canyon has 2 green and tan tanks

clean up this mess has both 1 tank and jeep both in green and tan.


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