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Army Men: Air Tactics is the fifth game in the 3DO series, Army Men. The game was released in 1999 exclusively for Windows.


The game starts with a propaganda like video of the new advancements of the Green Nation technology, then the video fades and General Plastro alongside Dr. Madd and a Blue spy are seen, Plastro then threatens both of them with a gun; "Do you know what would happen if we allow the green army to controll the skies?, what kind of spy are you anyway, give me the plans for those helicopters NOW!, and you... the esteemed Doctor... Why dont you stop your dementic mutterings and give me something to squash the green!. We must win this war!."

This time the player character was Captain William Blade of the Green Airborne Cavalry. This was a top-down flight sim that placed the player in a number of different helicopters. Captain Blade's main responsibilities is to act as aerial support for Sergeant Hawk and his men. This game introduced abilities such as lifting heavy objects and transporting them to other locations, landing on the ground to load/unload soldiers and unique airborne combat not seen in other games. This game contained a number of mini games such as playing air-hockey versus a Tan helicopter, as well as a number of static games.

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