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Army Men: Air Attack, titled Army Men: Air Combat in the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color versions, is a third-person shooter game from the Army Men series developed and published by 3DO. The game was released in 1999 for PlayStation, in 2000 for Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color, and in 2001 for Microsoft Windows.


The main character is a Green Air Cavalry pilot named Captain William Blade. This game has over 12 missions with three extra choppers to unlock. The first helicopter is a Huey, then a Chinook, a Super Stallion, and finally an Apache. There are also three extra co-pilots to unlock. The first pilot is 'Woodstock', then 'Rawhide', next is 'Hardcore', and lastly Sarge Hawk in his first appearance. Air Combat contains a new character: Lt. Felicity Wannamaker, A.K.A "Bombshell".

Captain William Blade, the leader of the newly formed Alpha Wolf Battalion, does battle against the mighty Tan Republic in both the real world and plastic world.


  • Captain Blade (Player Character)
  • Colonel Grimm
  • Sarge (Secret Co-pilot)
  • General Plastro
  • Hardcore (Co-pilot)
  • Rawhide (Co-pilot)
  • Woodstock (Co-pilot)
  • Bombshell (Co-pilot)
  • Vikki
  • Thick

Playable Helicopters[]

  • Huey
  • Chinook
  • Super Stallion
  • Apache


TanRepublicFlag Tan units:

BlueNationFlag Blue units:



Game Versions[]

There are 4 game versions: Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color and PC, being the N64 and GBC versions called "Army Men: Air Combat". Each one have differences in graphics. Except GBC, they have the exact same campaign to play it in single or multiplayer (2 players cooperative). But There are differences between Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64, being the main difference the Multiplayer versus mode. Playstation 1 have only 3 escenarios "flag nab-it", a capture flag version for only 2 players. But Nintendo 64 have several more modes, escenarios and the capability to play with 4 players. "Officers Club" Multiplayer Versus modes from Nintendo 64 are: Bug Hunt , Flag-Nab-It, Food Fight and Rescue. Each mode with 2 escenarios. PC it's almost the same than Playstation 1. GBC it's unique, but based the most on the other games campaign.




Playstation 1 screenshots (Retroarch emulator 1.9.14, Beetle PSX HW core)[]

Nintendo 64 screenshots (Retroarch emulator 1.9.14, Mupen64Plus-Next core)[]


  • The train on Mission 3: The Train That Could appears to be based on Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • The Stallion is based on the CH-53E Super Stallion which is only used by the US Marines as the US Army who is the real life counterpart to the Green Army never uses this helicopter.
  • The Apache is based on the AH-64D Longbow Apache, the Huey is based on the UH-1H Huey, & the Chinook is based on the CH-47D Chinook.

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