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Ants are Bugs encountered in the Real World.

Army Men: Toys in Space[]

Ants are seen in the early levels of this game. They swarm over food items and attack your units if they get too close. They are generally best killed using grenades. The DDT weapon does not hurt normal enemy units, but it can kill any ants in it's radius by simply clicking their position.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

Ants are found in the Garden level. They are indifferent to the Tan Army but will attack Sgt. Hawk on sight.

Army Men: Air Attack[]

Ants appear in Uninvited Guest and Ants In The Pants. They spawn continuously from Ant Hills and will attack Green bases nonstop. They will also attack Tan, Blue, or Grey units if given the chance. Tan forces are hostile towards them. Ants pose no direct threat to the player, as they do not have a ranged attack.

If there is a Donut on the map, ants will always try to reach it, destroying anything in their path. This can be exploited by dropping donuts into tan bases.


Anthills are structures that constantly spawn ants.


By dropping a Cherry Bomb into an anthill, you can disable it. All the ants currently on it will be incinerated and the anthill will start smoking.

Fire Ant[]


Fire Ants are a red variant of the ant that spews forth streams of fire. They first appear in the mission Ants in the Pants, where they will attack once the player has bombed three anthills. Though they are still incapable of dealing damage to the player's helicopter, they are able to deal much more damage to ground units, and can be a major threat to the green base in missions where the player must defend it, especially when they are in large numbers.

Army Men: RTS[]

Ants appear in this game, first encountered in the basement. They are hostile to the green army, and they will also attack Tan buildings. However, if you rescue the ant queen, they become friendly.