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The airplanes are the help in the games that can change the path a battle takes, for better or worse. Airplanes are a very limited resource (unless cheats are used, of course), so for tactics, it must be used wisely. Normally they are used for three special options: Reconnaissance, Paratroopers, and the most destructive, Air Strikes. Planes could be sent anywhere, except if an Anti-aircraft gun (AA Gun) was close to the select area, which made the plane escape without dropping, and the player lose the power-up.

The player could only take up to 3 power-ups of each type with him. The planes are not shown in the game, as only a shadow on the ground is seen.

Army Men Strategy Games[]

The airplanes were originally designed for only three options that only changed in very minor things throughout the games.

Air Strike[]


An Air Strike in progress

When called, an airplane was sent to a selected zone in the field, dropping a lot of bombs on a small range around the selected surface, killing almost anyone in that area, and destroying almost anything (it could even destroy tanks). The airplane then immediately left the map once the air strike is finished.

Tactically, it was better to be used against a hard hostile, or even better against a big group of enemies.

Normally, these bombs melt all the soldiers unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.



Planes dropping paratroopers

When lack of soldiers was common, usually there were paratrooper power-ups around for getting some reinforcements to even the odds. Paratrooper power-ups consisted basically on a plane going to a selected area, and leaving three soldiers over there, three paratroopers. The plane always left two riflemen, and one bazooka man, and then left away.

Tactically, it could be used in two ways. One was to drop them close to the main troops, to take all troops together to any place desired. Another one was to drop them inside enemy territory that has a key weakness close, and quickly take the enemy area from the inside.


The Reconnaissance, better known as Recon, was a help that made the plane move along the whole map, and check the position and movement of every unit and building over it. The player could now see every unit in the map, and plan where to move next, how to attack next, or maybe how to avoid unnecessary battles. If used wisely, it could turn the battle towards your victory.



A spaceship, courtesy of the Galactic Army

In Army Men: Toys in Space, two plane attacks also had an exotic galactic version. This version had a spaceship, Alien and Galactic Army, flying instead of the human plane.

The Space troopers were the same as the Paratroopers, but they dropped two stunners and one gunner, teleporting to the ground. The Space Attack was the same as the Air Strike, but it dropped paralyzer bombs instead of the explosive ones.

Sarge's Heroes 2[]

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, the player could use an Air Strike to call in a green plane to bomb an enemy position. The airstrike weapon is only available in a few maps.