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Agent Powers

Agent Powers is a Blue Nation spy working for the Green Nation in Army Men: World War.


Agent Powers is depicted as a typical plastic army man that is blue in color.

Army Men: World War[]

Agent Powers makes his appearance at the beginning of Mission 3: Tanthi Basin.

During the opening cutscene in the mission, Agent Powers is leading a squad of Green Nation soldiers into battle against soldiers from the Tan Republic. During the battle, his squad gets destroyed and he flees, becoming the only survivor of the unit.

After, the battle, the player has the option of rescuing him from his position. If the player chooses to rendezvous with Agent Powers, he is added to the team roster as a sniper unit.


  • He is one of the few named Blue Spies in the Franchise.
  • Agent Powers is one of the only blue spies that is aligned with the Green Nation in the series.
  • He is also the first playable blue spy in any campaign.
  • Agent Powers has no rank in his name like other units. However, he is described as holding the rank of corporal during the mission briefing.