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AA Guns are anti-air defense turrets which protect the key installations against Tan Army aircraft helicopters and paratroopers. Many of these are seen in Air Attack 1 & 2. And equipped with twin 40 mm bofor cannons


Army Men[]

AA-Turrets are structures featured in the PC version of Army Men: World War and Army Men, Army Men II, and Army Men: Toys in Space. They are a highly useful unit as they cancel out any air assualt except for helicopters, and most real world objects (i.e. Magnifying Glass, Glue), as long as it is done in their "territory". They are destroyable, but can be repaired with a Wrench powerup. They are used by all factions.

Manual description: Prevents paratrooper drops and air strikes from occurring within the limited range of its gun.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

AA Guns are used by the Tan to guard their bases. They fire rockets at the player's helicopter and can deal some damage, but they don't have very much health. They mostly appear in the mid-game and later levels.

Army Men: RTS[]

AA-Guns are a constructible building unit featured in Army Men: RTS. They are, as the name implies, extremely potent to Air Units (i.e. the Chopper) and can even counter support packages (i.e. Air Strike) yet cannot deal any damage to ground units, vehicle and infantry.

Manual description

This stationary gun mount for defense against enemy Choppers is a must for every army base.