Army Men вики
Tan Republic
Motto: Start the war machine, the Tan will Rise
Anthem: A Soldier's March

Tan Flag
Formal Name The Tan Republic
Formal Acronym TR
Demonym Tans
Government type Fascist Military Dictatorship
National Leader Supreme Leader Plastro
Military Leaders Malice
Important Historical Dates Tanic-Greeno Conflict (1998-ongoing)

"It isn't that they're evil, kid, just because they want to conquer everyone else and steal everything they have. I think they just don't know any better. It's a tragic flaw in their character, that's beyond their control. That's why they're better off being dead."

- Sarge's opinion of the Tan

The Tan Republic is a large nation in the Plastic World. It is known as the main and most powerful enemy of the Green Nation. The Tan are vastly ahead of the Green in terms of weaponry & manpower. They are ruled by the mighty tan commander, General Plastro. Because early Army Men games appear to be based around WWII technology, it's safe to say that the Tan are representing the Axis Powers (Germany, Japan, etc.). They start the current war with Green when they invade in three main areas of the Green Nation (the Desert, Alpine, and Bayou regions). At the beginning of the game they have a partial alliance with the Blue Information network, though this alliance becomes fluid through the series. According to Army Men: World War, their country is located in a Western area of the Plastic World.

In Army Men: Toys in Space, the Republic's drive for world domination is bolstered by the alliance between it and the technologically superior Space Aliens made by the tyrant General himself, effectively strengthening the Republican war machine... and should have erased the Green Nation from the map, had Sarge and Tina Tomorrow's Galactic Army not intervened and smashed the Alien empire to pieces in their homeworld. Unfortunately for the Tans, they did, and Plastro was soon left with only a tank and a handful of troops as he saw the fall of the Alien Overlord unfold.

Notable Tan Republic Leaders[]