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The Tan Republican Army, or Tan Army is a branch of the Armed Forces of the Tan Republic. They are commonplace antagonists in the series and in all its versions.

World War Universe[]

In the World War Universe the Tan Army is led by an unknown tyrant. They are bent on world domination and have launched an all out war against Green, Gray, and Blue. Making having resounding success against the Blue, with mixed results against the Gray, and known to have had some success in taking Green territory, the Tan have traits of the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Army of World War II. In the series it appears that they start numerious conflicts with the other nations.


The Tan Army is ground for ground equal to the Green Army, having access to the same vehicles and weaponry, as well as the same weaknesses and strenghts. The Tan soldiers are loyal and fight to the last man, as will the Blue and Green. It seems however as the war drags on, the Tan Republic is steadily losing ground to the combined efforts of Green, Gray, and Blue.

Old Universe[]

In the Old Universe The Tan are led by the dictator General Plastro. The Green Army is serverely outnumbered by the Tan Army. However the Green Army counters this by fielding better trained soldiers, emphazing quality over quatity. When the Real World is discovered both Green and Tan have an interest in finding ways to win the war for their side, however the Tan are more dedicated and manage to upset battles with these new "weapons of mass destruction". The Gray Army and the Tan seem to be trading blows with each other, however it seems Tan is steadily winning the war, as the Gray have resorted to hit-and-run tactics. The Tan Army also seems to be well supplied and equiped as it is able to wage war on multiple fronts against fierce and determined enemies (Green and Gray) and have success on both.

New Universe[]

In the New Universe, the Tan Army is lead by the overweight and incompetent General Plastro. They seem to be larger than the Green, but seem to lack skill as well as bravery or honor among its troops. This however is balanced by the Tan using items from the Real World to suppliment their ranks.