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Extra Info About Army Men PC about the Army Men Nations

The Four Contenders Four colors of Army Men, for better or worse, try to succeed in the same world. Each of these armies has a little different slant on life

Green Along with Tan, Green is one of the two superpowers. They are also the most peace - seeking group, striving for world harmony through a global balance of power. The main agenda of the Green army for the past 50 years has been to keep the Tan army in check so that Tan doesn't grow powerful enough to conquer the other colors, including the Green.

Tan Tan prides itself on being one of the two most powerful armies - and has even bigger plans in the near future. Tan won't rest until it achieves global domination by conquering lands of lesser powers. The Tan army will use any means to tip the balance of power to its side.

Gray Although clearly in third place in the quest for domination, the Gray army has held its own throughout the years. Because of its low world position, the Gray army features grass - roots guerrilla tactics, including the use of mysticism and magic, to keep Tan away from its borders. Because Tan doesn't worry too much about the third contender, they pretty much leave Gray alone - unless they want something of Gray.

Blue Blue is the weakest of the four armies, and uses espionage and subterfuge to maintain its tenuous foothold in the world. While no formal truce has ever been declared between the Tan and Blue, Tan often uses Blue as couriers and spies for its master agenda against the Green and Gray.