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(​​Not to be confused with Sarge)[]

"Sarge" Hawk
Файл:Sargeant Hawk.jpg
Titles Sergeant
Nation Green
Age 30-40
Status Unknown
Race Green
Role Protaganist
Affiliation Green
Weapons M-16

Often referred to as "Sarge" or "Hawk", Sgt. Hawk is the main (player controlled) character of the series. Sgt. Hawk is introduced in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes and has appeared in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, Army Men: Sarge's War, Army Men: Air Tactics, Army Men: Air Combat, Army Men: Air Combat- The Elite Missions, Army Men: Air Attack, Army Men: Air Attack 2, Army Men: Turf Wars, Army Men: Advance and Army Men: RTS- Real Time Strategy. He is seemingly given command of large factions of the Green Army and idolized as a super trooper commanding entire battle fronts with his elite squad of soldiers and combat engineers from Bravo Company.


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  • Sgt. Hawk is an E-5 Sergeant.
  • It is possible that Sgt. Hawk was the Sarge that died in Army Men: Major Malfunction. Another theory is that he is Major Malfunction, due to them sharing the same rank and the same name.
  • According to Sarge's Heroes, Sergeant Hawk has a brother who's middle name is "suicide", who eventually died.