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sarge's older look

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A war-torn Sarge, as seen in Sarge's War.

The main (player controlled) character of the series. Initially represented in the PC games as just another nameless trooper, Sarge however sees several redesigns through the series. Initially, he is given little more than a handful of men and a set of orders from HQ, but in later games, especially Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, he is seemingly given command of large factions of the Green Army and idolized as a super trooper commanding entire battle fronts with his elite squad of combat engineers from Bravo Company although the earlier Sarge may be a totally different character. Character design later changes to reflect an almost cartoony war veteran look, complete with chin clefts and a nose bandage.


  • Sgt. Hawk is a T-4 Sergeant.
  • It is possible that Sgt. Hawk was the Sarge that died in Major Malfunction. Another theory is that he is Major Malfunction, due to them sharing the same rank and the same name.
  • It has often been thought that Sgt. Hawk isn't Sarge from the first games. Most of this comes from the way the character acts, the way he looks and some conflicting background information.