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Pvt. Anderson firing a minigun. (middle)

Pvt. Anderson is the main character in Army Men: Major Malfunction and is also the character that you play as.


Pvt. Anderson was a private in the green army. He fought likely after the Tan threat was diminished because he is only in Army Men: Major Malfunction where the only nation is the green nation. His weaponry consisted of M16 carbine, shotgun, flamethrower, mini gun and the rocket launcher. He is the character that players play as in Army Men: Major Malfunction. His first mission was to destroy an enemy toy communications base. He had to do a recon mission then parachute down to the base, where he would clear enemies outside the base then go inside and crack the code to make the communication dish give the green nation vital information.

After completing this he went to the kitchen to find out what happened to Sarge who was supposed to have captured a professor called Foreyes. When he got to the top of the table he was forced to retreat back to the bottom. When he got to the bottom the helicopter driven by Pvt. Driver was under attack, so Anderson mounted it's turret but ultimately the helicopter was shot down and they were captured by the enemy troops. Anderson woke up in an enemy prison, he escaped and freed private driver and private wire. Then he grabbed his equipment and found an escape route. After getting out of the prison Pvt. Driver came and picked him up in a jeep. Anderson was very shaken when he found out that Pvt. Wire was dead. After getting back to base he was sent back to the kitchen again. After getting to the bench he went to the microwave and found out that Sgt. Hawk was dead, much to Anderson's dismay, he found a page from Sgt. Hawk's diary saying that Professor Foreyes was in the fridge. When Anderson got to the fridge Anderson witnessed a creature kidnap Foreyes and take him out of the kitchen.

Later Anderson was taken to the bathroom to destroy the enemy's weapons base. First he took out the scouts and then he saved some Watership Dame Dolls. After that he blew up all of the enemy weapon silos and the oil refinery of which ejected him from the toilet.

Next he went to the loungeroom where Professor Foreyes was located. He had to destroyed the enemy barracks and the controls for a force-field. After he blew up a humongous mechasaw. Then he blew up the mine field he then used a tank to blow up the generators for another force-field. After destroying the thing that kidnapped Professor Foreyes, Anderson moved into Castle Cardboardstein where he found and rescued him. After the escape, they got back to the base where Anderson was briefed on his next mission.

When he got to the bedroom he lighted some beacons for equipment after he blew up some enemies. After getting the equipment he headed to the bed to check on the generator for the beacons. When he got to the bed he mounted a gunners nest and blew up 2 mechasaws. Later he foundthe computer and blew it up so that Major Malfunction couldn't warp his troops all over the house. When he got to the evacuation piont he bacame under attack by enemies so he mounted the helicopters turret and defended himself. He was shot and took a bump in the head and blacked out. He was rescued by Pvt. Driver and was returned to base. He couldn't remember much because of the knock to his head. He was still in action and was dropped of to the backyard to finaly destroy Major Malfunction. He destroyed the enemies then went into the grass. He made his way to a molehill where Driver's helicopter crashed. Sadly Pvt. Driver died in the crash. He moved on and got to the shed. He pushed through Major Malfunction's troops and had a showdown with Malfunction. Malfunction was defeated, but the shed was falling apart. Anderson got into a starfighter and flew out just before the shed was destroyed. When he got back to base he recieved a medal and there was a celebration.