Army Men вики

There are many nations in the Army Men series...

  • Green Nation - A Democratic nation under the rule of the Green President. All of the series' heroes are Green. They are probably based on the United States of America.
  • Tan Republic - A Republic turned oligarchy ruled by General Plastro. They are the 'bad guys' of the series. They almost made peace with the Greens in Army Men: Sarge's War, but most were wiped out by Malice and his hidden bomb. They were probably based on Nazi Germany or similar oligarchic (dictator-ruled) nations.
  • Blue Nation - A rather mysterious nation focused on espionage. Rarely found on the front lines, they run messages and gather information for the highest bidder. They seem to be based on the French.
  • Grey Nation - A Guerilla nation. They, like the blue, do not seem to have any particular alliegance. In the original Army Men game, Grey soldiers fight Sarge, but a retired Grey colonel helps him find the portal.
  • Red Republic - Rarely seen, the Red Nation is probably inspired by the Soviet Union.
  • Orange Nation - Mentioned in Sarge's Heroes 2. They also appear as a selectable team color in Army Men RTS.
  • Space Aliens - Orange Space Aliens who appear in Army Men: Toys in Space. They team up with the Tan to fight the Greens and the Galactic Army. They come in several varieties, including Larvae, Spiders, Drones, and Commanders. They are not related to the Orange Nation.
  • Galactic Army - A light-blue nation of spacemen and women. They appear in Toys in Space and team up with the Greens. They seem to be a spoof of early Sci-Fi serials.
  • The Cult - In Army Men II, they are similar to Apocalypse Now; the AWOL colonel of Green Army consists of green, tan, blue, and grey including cult followers and suicide bombers.
  • Malice's Tans - A faction of Tans who are responsible for sabotaging the Green/Tan peace ceremony, killing all of the Greens except Sarge and all of General Plastro's Tans. Presumably they were wiped out by Sarge as vengeance.
  • Bugs and insects - Spiders, ants, cockroaches, and other creepy-crawlies often appear as enemies to all Army Men.
  • Black Army - Parts of Black soldiers have been attached to Zombies and in one game some Black civilians are seen.