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Army Men is a series of video games developed by many developers and producers over the course of the series history. It is based on various conflicts between several different factions distinguished by their color. The main factions are the Green, the Tan, the Blue, and the Grey. The games are military style using "Real combat. Plastic men.". The series franchise consists in total of 24 games officially released by gaming companies that have obtained the rights, along with 2 fan-made games by indie gaming companies. Due to indie companies releasing their own versions of Army Men games or games with similar qualities, it seems that anyone is able to expand the gaming series without even having to legally acquire any rights to make an addition to the gaming series. The games are obviously inspired by the Army Men toys and the imagination of if these toys could come to life and battle each other in realistic warfare.

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 Soldiers of Misfortune

The Plastic World[]

"Not much is known about the Plastic World". Mainly because it is never shown on a map or discussed for an extended period of time. Though there are certain things that can be referenced. There is a map of it behind Sarge Hawk at the beginning intro of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 and it is possible to see the title "The World" at the right next to the continent matching the descriptions of Army Men 3D because it shows the desert, bayou/woodland, and alpine regions. The main four great factions of Green and Tan, Grey and Blue therefore from these homeland have accrued territories beyond the main continent to area around their globe similar to the commonwealths and oversea holdings Real World nations have.

The other map that can be seen is in the mission select of Army Men: World War. Where three continents are shown. (They appear to be similar to North America. An island continent in between that resembles South America. It isn't attached to anything and the Eurasian continent). This however accompanied with the map in the Army Men: Sarge's Heroes the map of a major continent entitled "The World". That is seen throughout the game's cutscenes and the two player mission mode implies that the Plastic World is almost as diverse as our own geographically speaking.

Army Men Nations[]


Army News Reports[]

Green Plastic News or GPN, is the organization responsible for providing information to the public about the Green Military's war effort. They are featured throughout the series. In the World War series/Universe every intro for a game in that series is a news report from GPN. until the New Universe, in which they are replaced by Green Army News. Green Army News is the news network in the New Universe. Green Army News is the show created by the Green Nation to keep the citizens informed of the military's actions. The news show often has real footage of combat. Vikki Grimm is the most well known reporter of the news show as she was on Green Plastic News as well before.

Real World[]

The Real World is, simply, our world. The Real World can be very hazardous for a plastic soldier. With a syndrome called Plastrification, the soldiers can't stay too long in the Real World. Neither the Tan Republic nor the Green Nation have successfully mapped the Real World, though they've tried. General Plastro has a great interest in ruling our world. Another reason why the Real World is hazardous to a plastic soldier's health is that there are many obstacles to overcome. Bugs and insects, dangerous objects, and deadly weather conditions can stop an army's progress in an instant.


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