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Catagory testing justGreen Nation
Motto: "Liberty, Democracy, Good Government"
Anthem: "The Land we love, the Freedom we treasure"
Файл:Green flag.jpg
Green Flag
Formal Name The Republic of the Green Nation
Formal Acronym GN
Demonym Greens
Government type  Democratic Republic, Parliamentary republic
National Leadership President of the Green Nation
Military Leadership Col. Grimm
Important Historical Dates The Tanic-Greeno Conflict (1998-ongoing)

Green Nation troopers.

The Green Nation is the homeland of the protagonists, and is the main nation that General Plastro and his Tan Republic are at war with. The Green Nation appears to be a relatively peaceful and friendly country, despite the fact that it does have a rather extensive military. The Green Nation seems to be based off of Western European countries and the United States, as indicated by the accents and weaponry deployed by the Green Army. The Green Nation also appears to be a democratic state, as it has a President, who is only shown in Army Men: Air Tactics.

Armed Forces[]

The Green National Army is very small when compared to the Tan Republican Army (The ratio is 50:1 against), and appears to be very susceptible to raids and ambushes, as this is how the Tan Army appears to operate. However, on an open battlefield, the smaller army seems to openly prove its might and beat back the Tan menace time and time again which seems to stress that they value quality over quantity. The Green Army is well-rounded, and utilizes traditional weaponry, destaining from cannibalizing anything from the Real World. One of the main objectives of the Green Army is to destroy every known portal and sever ties with the Real World forever. The Green Army is led by Col. Grimm, who, despite his title, appears to be a General based upon his clothing and demeanor. In Sarge's Heroes, Vikki Grimm states that the Green Army is the head of an alliance of nations against the Tan Nation, although the other nations are never mentioned. Despite their numerical setbacks, the Green Army has some things going for it. For example, the Green Army has the elite Bravo Company, led by decorated war veteran Sgt. Hawk. The second advantage that the Green Army has is technological superiority, as shown in the Omega Program and the invention of the Air Cavalry. The majority of the Green Army was assembled at the peace treaty signing in Army Men: Sarge's War, and apparently met its firey demise by a bomb hidden in the Peace statue, courtesy of Operation Vengeance. However a few Green soldiers were captured by the Tan, inwhich Sarge freed them before killing Lord Malice, but it remains unkown to what happened to them after. Also, it is unknown if heroes such as the Omega Soldier or Captain William Blade were present.


The geography of the entire Plastic World is unclear. However, many speculate that the Green Nation is an island nation with a series of mountains to the north, a vast desert to the west, and a series of swamps and bayous to the south. This geography would correspond with the basic geography of the United States. However maps within the first PC games, the Army Men 3D game, the map presented in the introduction of Army Men depicts the Green and Tan nations as adjacent to each other and landlocked. In Army Men II, a map showing regions within the world were divided by water, with a massive island between them, however these don not convey continents, but two islands in what may be only a small part of the Plastic World with those lands being merely, just small territories on a world filled with continents as suggested in later installments. The Green Nation just as the Tan may have domains extending around the globe the way the U.S. does with the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, a map of what appears to be a continent is behind Hawk. This map is believed to be a representation of the newest incarnation of the Plastic World: in the background loading screen, one can make out the name "The World" on the map in the corner so it is safe to assume this Australian-like landmass is one of the continents in their world and the basis of their orginal homeland. In the series in the PC games, the Green border the Tan to the east, with both nations sharing the crossroads of the alpine, desert, and bayou regions.  The Green may have access to the ocean in their northern and eastern incline not bordering the Tan, possible sitting in the middle of the continent itself.

Notable Green Nation Soldiers[]