Army Men вики

The Green National Army, better known as the Green Army is a military branch of the Armed Forces of the Green Nation. They are almost always the protagonist's allies or the protaganist(s) is a member. They are almost always depicted fighting the Tan Army. In the World War Universe they are presembly allied with the Red, Orange, Gray, Blue, Black, Yellow and Purple armies.

World War Universe[]

In the World War Universe the Armed Forces of the Green Nation are presumbly led by an unknown Supreme Commander, if basing the Green Nation on the United States during the Second World War, with Colonel Grimm being a high ranking commander in it. They have been deployed worldwide to counter the Tan Republican Military's aggression. The Green Army works inconjunction with the Green Navy, and a possible Green Marine Corps and a Green Air Force/Army Air Corps. The Green's (as well as everyone else's) weaponry and vehicles consists of World War II to Vietnam War Era weaponry (i.e. M16 Assault Rifle, .50 Cal).

Old Universe[]

In the Old Universe the Green National Army essentually does exactly what its World War version does. They are said to be smaller than the Tan Republican Army, yet are more efficent in being an army, emphazing quality over quantity. They use the same weapons and vehicles, and will fight to the death.

Army Men[]

In Army Men, the player takes control of a squad of Green troopers led by a Green trooper known only as Sarge. Sarge seems to be an ordinary soldier called upon to do extraordinary things in the name of freedom. The Green Army is equal when it comes down to it, however it also greatly depends on how skilled the player is.

Army Men II[]

In the Army Men II, the player once again takes control of Sarge and his men.

New Universe[]

In the New Universe the Green Army is more or less on par with the Tan Army at least in the first few games. Throughout games the Green Army generally becomes more and more appauling in terms of being an army.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

The Green Army in Sarge's Heroes are essentually equal in every way with their Tan enemy, the only difference being there is a lot less of them. The Green Army has access to the same vehicles and weaponry the Tan Army does, at least when it comes to the Plastic World.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

In Sarge's Heroes 2, the Green Army once again is relatively equal to the Tan Army in terms of ferocity, skill, and (Plastic World) weapons and vehicles. Yet at a disadvantage due to once again the lack of soldiers seen in-game.

Army Men: Air Attack 2[]

Army Men: Sarge's War[]

By the time of Army Men: Sarge's War, the Green Army is seen as more or less a hinderance rather than an asset, being easily gunned down by the Tan, and even retreating despite having equal (sometimes more) numbers.