Army Men вики

Allies of the Green Nation and enemies of the Space Aliens in Army Men: Toys in Space. They only appear in this game.

Led by Tina Tomorrow, the Galactic Army is light blue in colour and are provided as a spoof of early, 50's-60's Sci-Fi serials, their HQ located somewhere in the Alien Homeworld. The main army is female with support troopers (e.g. Mini-Gunners) being male. The Galactic Army provides a number of unique weapons to assist Sarge through Toys in Space - the stun guns especially adding a new dimension to the game's strategy. The Galactic Army, while of the same color, are not related to the Blue Nation.


  • Stunner

The female grunt of the Galactic Army, armed with Freeze Pistols capable of paralyzing enemy units upon contact.

  • Paralyzer

The mortar version of the Stunner, equipped with a Freeze Mortar able to freeze enemies on their tracks in a big blast radius.

  • Gunner

With Gatling Gun blazing, this male trooper of the Galactic Army brings guaranteed bullet-based pain to all plastic enemies.

  • Incinerator

True to this support unit's name, the Napalm Mortar he uses can teach any afflicted plastic troops the meaning of "burned alive" the hard way.

  • Robot

Stand too close to this wheeled automaton and recieve a shock you won't soon forget.


  • Speeder

Two words of advice when encountering this Napalm Launcher-mounted strike hovercraft: burn plastic.

  • Rover

Think of it as a mobile Freeze artillery vehicle, give it a retro sci-fi look, double its size - and you get the picture.