Army Men вики
Titles Colonel
Nation Green
Age 60-70
Status KIA (Army Men: Sarge's War)
Race Green
Role Protaganist
Affiliation Green Republic
Weapons Pistol


Colonel "Happy Jack" Grimm is the commanding officer of Bravo Company, thusly Sergeant Hawk's direct commanding officer. Col. Grimm also has a daughter named Vikki Grimm. He makes minor appearances in the Sarge's Heroes series, Army Men: Air Tactics, Army Men: Sarge's War and Army Men: RTS. He is also a playable character in the multiplayer of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes and Sarge's Heroes 2. Depicted as a sympathetic officer who has probably seen combat in some forgotten war.

The last time Grimm is seen is during the Peace Treaty signing during Army Men: Sarge's War were a number of Bravo's Company Commandos along with Grimm and Vikki are killed by Lord Malice's bomb rigged peace statue.


  • Grimm will often speak in two different accents depending on what game he's in. It is unknown which is the true accent.


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