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Cockroaches are an enemy featured throughout the Army Men series. They appear only in the Real World, and while normally only a minor annoyance to humans, are a major threat to plastic soldiers, of all colors.

Army Men[]

Cockroaches are prevalent throughout the series, but do not appear in the World War Universe, which takes place entirely in the Plastic World. In the games cockroaches are fast and deal massive damage to your soldiers, and take damage well too.

Army Men: RTS[]

Cockroaches once again return as an enemy of the Green Nation and her allies. However they do not attack the Tan Army, the reason for this is unknown. Cockroaches are extremely deadly to plastic of all kinds, but aren't particularly great at taking damage. Snipers, Tanks, or any unit with an automatic weapon is extremely effective against them. As well as being an active enemy throughout the game, dead cockroaches are seen throughout levels, implying the house the game uses as its setting has a particularly awful infestation.