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Army Men II starts where the last game ended. This is perhaps the most varied game in the series, with enemies ranging from suicide bombers to zombies to cult members to cockroaches. There is also a wide range of battlefields, such as kitchens in the "Real World", and tank factories in the "Plastic World". This game also introduced the concept of 'Portals', which were connections between the "Plastic World" (The Army Men world), and the "Real World" (our world). Game play is very similar to, yet different from the first: AM2 allows much better control of individual troopers from Sarge's squad and for setting up tactical positions. Fans of the series almost invariably nominate this game as the best for Multiplayer experience, both for its control style and the additional options available. This game was released in 1998 for Windows and later, Game Boy Color.


This game follows Sarge and his struggle to escape the Real World and return to Plastic World.

Army Men II Story Line[]

In the continuing saga of plastic soldiers, the four factions, Green, Tan, Blue, and Gray are still at war. No army so far is having the upper hand over the other... but that is about to change, as it is clear there are many powers at work. Magical portals into other worlds smear the boundaries between what is real and what is plastic.

When we last left Sarge, he had just entered our world looking to dispose of the Tan army. Leading his plastic infantry against the Republican forces, Sarge attacks through dirty dishes, mugs, and even the kitchen sink - battling off cockroaches and Tan troopers along the way. Combat has never been so cruel and inhumane. It's time to get back to HQ in the plastic world! After countless battles, dangerous missions, and newfound enemies, the Green army still faces the Tan enemy, growing stronger and stronger each passing moment.

Sarge crosses multiple planes and battles the Tan in environments ranging from a steamy jungle we call a front yard, to a hobby table filled with strange and unusual vehicles, to a climatic battle in a fantastic toy playset. Sarge's enemies range from zombies created from scorched plastic parts to fanatical suicide bombers with M80's strapped to their backs. The Tan Commander is definitely up to something. Can Sarge and his Green army find out what - and thwart it before it's too late?

Act I[]

The game opens with a cutscene, showing Sarge and three other Green Soldiers being teleported to a kitchen in the Real World. Unbeknownst to the Green Troops, the Tan Commander, General Plastro, has arrived at the Portal with a large force of troops, who begin to march through the portal... and into our world. The advance forces ambush Sarge and his men, starting a running firefight across the kitchen counter. Sarge and his men are able to temporarily lose the Tans after crossing an electric stove top (which melts the poor Tan pukes trying to follow), but Sarge and his squad find an even worse threat - gigantic bugs (real-life cockroaches). After blasting through the oversized pests, Sarge and his squad find a portal back to the Plastic World, and make their escape. Sarge tries to contact headquarters, but they don't respond. Upon investigating the situation, Sarge finds the radio is broken. He fixes it with a wrench found inside an old building and headquarters tells him a train is preparing to leave. Along the way, they find an old man with a bazooka whom the Tans were holding hostage. He gladly joins the party after Sarge rescues him. After boarding the train, Sarge and his men must fend off the trestle from oncoming Tans. But no sooner does he secure the trestle than several enemy tanks start heading towards the train. Using a tank from the train, Sarge destroys the tanks, allowing the train to move on to the airfield, which is under attack. Sarge meets up with the old man, who tells him that a Blue Spy has been captured. They find the Blue Spy hidden away in a forest south of the airfield. Sarge and his men escort the Blue Spy and the old man to a helipad, where they prepare for the next mission.

Act II[]

Back at headquarters, the commanding officer explains that he sent the Colonel on a secret mission. A transmission reveals that the Colonel had heard about an excavation mission before the base lost contact. A scout was sent to find the Colonel, but contact was lost with him as well. Sarge and his league are sent to find the scout among a group of tropical islands. Upon meeting up with the scout, Sarge finds out that the Colonel has taken over the temple ruins and gathered troops from all four armies into a sect called "the Cult". Sarge confronts the Colonel and tries unsuccessfully to reason with him. The Colonel says that the only way to restore peace and end the war is by eliminating the soldiers. Then the Colonel escapes through another portal in the center of the temple, and Sarge follows. Upon doing so, Sarge's party find themselves back in the Real World - and ambushed by suicide bombers as they work their way through the gardens and into the front lawn. Sarge encounters the Colonel under the birdbath and puts him down. After a rather short moment of silence, Sarge's party battle their way through more suicide bombers (and cockroaches) to another portal that takes them to the tropical islands. There, Sarge encounters a new threat - an army of zombies created by the Grey Scientist, Dr. Madd. Information reveals that the abominations are coming from a mold factory on one of the islands. Sarge manages to stop the zombie threat by destroying the generators that run the machine. He and his league are then transported to a desert where the Tan Scientists have set up an excavation site around an unusual discovery - an 8-ball. After taking out the anti-aircraft guns in the area, an air strike destroys the 8-ball, and the Greens discover another portal.

Act III[]

Venturing through the portal, Sarge and his men find themselves in a workshop in a garage. Once again, they find themselves against an army of suicide bombers and zombies who materialize out of nowhere as they work their way across the working table. It turns out that the Tan Scientists have taken supplies from the workshop into the Plastic World. Sarge and his men take out as many scientists as they can whilst fending off the enemy threat, and escape through a portal leading to a hidden Tan base in the forests. As soon as the Green Troops enter the forest, suicide bombers confront them once again. Sarge then stumbles upon a small Tan facility within the compounds. Here, modeling supplies from the Real World workshop are strewn about the compound. Fighting his way through Tan Scientists and zombies, Sarge destroys the generators in the facility. Green headquarters drops off Sarge and his league in the desert, this time near a large Tan fortress. This place is swarming with Tan Troops, and though the Greens are outnumbered, they must defend themselves at all costs. After finding an alternate entrance to the fortress, Sarge meets up once again with the Blue Spy, who gives him a disguise to get past the remaining Tans. Using the disguise, Sarge infiltrates the place, and discovers the Tans have crafted a secret weapon from the modeling supplies they brought back from the Real World. He obtains a key to enter the center of the fortress, and once he's inside, he destroys the weapon with explosives. By this time, the Tans have become fully aware of Sarge's presence and seek only to destroy the intruder who demolished their plans. Sarge evades the Tans and zombies who pursue him, and enters a portal leading into... a child's bedroom. There, he spots Major Mylar on top of a castle playset. Sarge and his league must survive one more time against the waves of Tan Soldiers cunningly hiding amongst the playthings. After a violent struggle, Sarge finally defeats the Major.


The ending cutscene shows the castle fortress burning, with defeated Tan Soldiers strewn about the floor. In a final attempt, Major Mylar pulls the pin from a grenade, but as he gets ready to throw it, his arm comes off as he melts among the consuming flames. Sarge manages to jump off the edge as the grenade detonates, taking out some remaining Tans and destroying the fortress. It is then that a number of Green vehicles show up as Sarge and the Greens celebrate their triumph. Sarge says, "You gasoline cowboys sure know how to give lead medicine to the Tan capacitors, don't you? We were done for if you guys hadn't shown up."

But then, on top of a dresser, General Plastro is shown to have been watching upon them the whole time. Plastro, remarks, "How good of you to dispose of that useless piece of plastic for me, Sarge. I'd promote you if you weren't Green. Revel in your victory for now. I've got something special planned for the next time we meet. Mha ha ha ha ha!"

Back in some unknown facility, Dr. Madd is working on the melted remains of Major Mylar....