Army Men вики
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This game was released on the Playstation in 2002.


Comes after Final Front. The plastic war is now at a standstill. The Green and Tan armies are locked in a stalemate. Seeking to gain the advantage in this conflict, the Tan have succeeded in developing long-range weapons that will ultimately spell doom for the Green forces. Intelligence agents had determined that these long-range missiles exist, but they had not discovered their location. Until Now. .. A Green intelligence agent had a lead on the possible whereabouts of these harbingers of doom. Unfortunately, the agent was discovered before he was able to reveal the location of the missiles base. In an attempt to rescue this agent and ultimately destroy the hidden base, a crack team of Green commandos has been assembled. Each member of this team is a specialist in a variety of fields ranging from heavy weaponry to linguistics. The fate of the free world depends on the successful completion of this mission. This game has more tactical approach similar to Tom Clancy games, as player-controlled characters can die from a few shots.


  • Xhado - Not much information can be compiled about this wagerer of quiet aggression. Silent and deadly, Xhado's expertise as a hunter means that his targets will most likely never know what hit them. Xhado is one of the best commandoes to use because of his high stealth and speed. He wears a ski mask/baclava.
  • Speed: 5
  • Stealth: 6
  • Hit Points: 8
  • Special Skills: Sniper, Mechanic
  • Dante Hernandez - Dante's keen savvy on how anything mechanical works means that there isn't an engine in the world that he can't fix...with the right tools. Long days spent overhauling huge tank engines have also given him an imposing physical presence with outstanding strength and endurance.
  • Speed: 3
  • Stealth: 3
  • Hit Points: 8
  • Special Skills: Mechanic, Heavy Weapons
  • Armand "Flambé" Nestor - Armand Nestor learned his trade from his family at the young age of eleven. The Nestor Demolition Company is world renowned, and has an impressive wake of dust and debris behind it. Armand's clear understanding of his "art form" (as he describes it) and his confidence in his abilities is often mistaken for a disregard for his own life. Armand is one of the two (possibly three if Xhado) black soldiers in order to provide a healthy racial mixture. Armand has some of the highest hit points.
  • Speed: 4
  • Stealth: 4
  • Hit Points: 10
  • Special Skills: Explosives, Communications
  • Bjorn "Boomer" Thorson - Bjorn Thorson born to an ambassador and into a household where different languages were spoken daily. This being the case, Bjorn has an aptitude for language. He studied demolitions when he joined the service and often finds himself at odds with his compatriot, Armand, who prefer his instincts to Bjorns by-the-book approach. This attitude also permeates Thorson's views on personal appearance and social behavior. Boomer, like Armand, has some of the highest hit points of the commandoes.
  • Speed: 3
  • Stealth: 5
  • Hit Points: 10
  • Special Skills: Linguist, Explosives
  • Gib "Squirrel" Farrell - Gib is a self-confessed klutz, except when it comes to his job. "Squirrel", as he is commonly referred to, is a crack shot. However, he'll fumble through everything else he comes in contact with and probably make a lot of noise along the way. He is a competent communications officer, but don't ask him to juggle. As his bio states Squirrel is not very stealthy, but he is the fastest commando.
  • Speed: 6
  • Stealth: 1
  • Hit Points: 9
  • Special Skills: Sniper, Communications
  • Tyke "The Tank" Morgan - Tyke enjoys poetry and long walks on the beach, and you'd do well not to make fun of that fact. Tyke's obvious physical prowness makes him an easy candidate to handle "the heavy stuff". However he'd prefer a good book to a howitzer any day. Because of this adoration for the written word, "The Tank" has dedicated much of his time to studying foreign languages in order to read these works in their native tongue. When in battle, Tyke wastes little time dispatching the enemy so he can concentrate on "the finer things." Although slow, Tyke is a great soldier because of his massive hit points. He is also black.
  • Speed: 2
  • Stealth: 2
  • Hit Points: 12
  • Special Skills: Heavy Weapons, Linguist