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This game was released on Windows and Playstation in 2000.


The first of the World War titles. This game focuses solely on combat in the Plastic World, with most of the missions being based on World War 2. The PC game starts with a D-Day style landing after which there are a number of missions that all have themes from World War 2 lore, such as "A Bridge Too Far". The final showdown of this game is when a squad of men are led into the Tan Capitol (e.g. the push to Berlin) and destroy the Tan Capitol Building. This is the only game where vehicles can be controlled by enemy forces. The fans place this game as a close second to AM2 for multiplayer mode, with the ability to steal enemy tanks listed as a big plus for multiplayer. One interesting twist to this game was that it is the only PC game in the series to not have a Sarge character in any fashion at all - they obviously heard the fans wanted their old faceless hero back and decided to leave him out rather than to contradict Sarge's Heroes - this game also had probably the most in depth system for organizing large numbers of men under command and depicted a war-like situation with even more background effects and sideline fighting than the original Army Men had. This game was also known as "Operation Meltdown" outside the US and Canada.

Game Synopsis from Internet archive[]

In the follow-up to the best-selling Army Men® 3D, you lead the Green Army in a vicious battle against the Tan nemesis. Carefully guide your troops through a deadly barrage of enemy fire on over 16 missions covering 5 different terrains. Only the best military minds will prevail in this blazing battle of ground based infantry. Tons of weapons are at your disposal: Blast away with the howitzer, shred plastic with the .50 caliber twin machine gun, or quietly spear the enemy with your razor-sharp bayonet. Never before has a plastic war reached this size and scale. Dive back into the trenches! It's Real Combat. Plastic Men