Army Men вики

Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune was the last game published, by Destination Software, Inc.

This game, however, takes a path completely different, as you are playing as a real boy called Timmy. Timmy has a toy general called Teddy (in fact, he is a Teddy Bear). The boy apparently fights tan soldiers he owns, and is mysteriously of the size of the plastic soldiers. Apparently, Timmy's toy army men have a mind of their own. So, his house is the stage of a war.

The game is made up of several chapters, with five missions each. Timmy uses a simple toy gun, firing some kind of darts and water, and getting in and out of vehicles. The tan soldiers (probably because they lost all their leaders and army) just barely react by firing another simple dart toy gun and never move.

Timmy has technology in his side, as neither his gun nor any other gun make any sound; they are completely silent guns. The missions are always meant to please timmy's imagination...


the game recieved many negative reviews for it gameplay, and movement away from the series


This game is the least popular of the Army Men games and it's storyline is considered by many fans to be non-canon.