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This game was released on the Playstation in 2001. This game was released on the Playstation in 2001. Also released Final Front basically the same as Army Men: World War: Lock 'N' Load but only for the U.S.


There are four fronts with three missions in each one. The Tan once again wage war with the Green Nation, so the Green retaliate by attacking the Tan capital. When they discover that the Tan have created weapons of mass destruction, they declare a full-scale war against the Tan and deploy their forces worldwide to destroy the revived Tan Army and its new weapons. Once again, many of the missions are modeled after World War Two battles and others appear to have a resemblance to Indiana Jones adventures, as some battles take place in the mysterious regions of a desert land resembling Egypt. This game also introduces submarine warfare to the World War titles.



You are a veteran of war. Twice your beloved Green Nation has asked you to tackle Tan aggression, and twice you have succeeded. You have fought in almost every theater of war possible, taking the battle to the lands, seas and air critical to the interests of the Green.

Green high command has requested once again that you brandish your rifle and prepare yourself for an all-out war with the Tan. You have heard this theme before…but something tells you that this next war is truly a final confrontation with the Tan. They are supposedly using up all national resources to create advanced war machinery at an obliterating pace, sacrificing all other national interests in order to produce the most massive stockpile of war craft witnessed to date. Even by Tan standards, this is an unprecedented pace, which they cannot maintain for long. They will need to take action soon or burn themselves up in an attempt to build this vast arsenal.

You know it will not be long before you head into battle. Your battalion has received instructions to carry the war against the Tan into several theaters. You thought you had seen it all before, but your orders include taking on the Tan underground and even underwater, places you have never battled before. And the Green have such faith in you that this time around you will be in command of your own vehicles. Not just firing from them, but driving them as well. Looks like all those battles were worth the effort after all.

You question if this really is the last global war against the Tan, and you know deep down that it is. So... this is what it all comes down to. You’ve never let your Green nation down before, nor are you about to start. Something tells you that the Tan also know this is the final battle in a war that has pitted two industrial giants against one another. They await your presence, and they will give all they can, because this is Army Men®: World War - Lock 'N' Load™