Army Men вики
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This game was released on Nintendo 64 in 2000 and is a port of Army Men: Air Attack.


The main character is a Green Air Cavalry pilot named Captain William Blade. This game has over 12 missions with three extra choppers to unlock. The first helicopter is a Huey, then a Chinook, a Super Stallion, and finally an Apache. There are also three extra co-pilots to unlock. The first pilot is 'Woodstock', then 'Rawhide', next is 'Hardcore', and lastly Sarge Hawk.

Captain William Blade, the leader of the newly formed Alpha Wolf Battalion, does battle against the mighty Tan empire in both the real world and plastic world. This console game based game was a lot more arcade like in it's game play similar to Air Attack than the PC Air Tactics was, there was no landing or acting as an Air Cavalry transport - focus instead was on the combat role of the helicopter pilot. Other wise the plot for Air Combat is the same as Air Attack but unlike Air Attack a new character is introduced Lt. Felicity Wannamaker, A.K.A "Bombshell".