Army Men вики
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This game was released on the Game Boy Advance in 2001.


The player can choose between Sarge Hawk, or Vikki Grimm, who will receive several objectives by radio, such as recruiting fellow squad members, escaping from prison, and breaking into enemy installations. This game has more cartoonish and super-deformed appearance, compared to the realistic designs of Army Men: Operation Green.

The main objectives of the game are, 1 infultrate area 41 to use the portal to the real world 2 find and rescue Riff from tan troops in the real world. 3 find way outside through bathtub 4 find and rescue Scorch, 5 find access codes to captures base in garage then get back to plastic world. 6 reclaim captured base, 6 return to area 41 and stop General Plastro from using the alien ship.

Level 1 the prison

the level starts with Sarge/Vikki in prison after letting himself/herself get captured, as a tan soldier brings in a tray of food most likely for him/her, he either sets his gun down and Sarge/Vikki sees it or the more likely explanation is that he/she attacks the soldier and seizes his gun then kills him as the soldier is found dead with the food tray on the ground and food spilled out at the beginning of the game. Sarge/Vikki them must fight his/her way through tan soldiers in the prison but the prison itself is only guarded by lightly trained tan soldiers as they are the easiest to kill. Sarge/Vikki must damage security consoles and make it through doors eventualy getting out,

level 2 tan training camp

as Sarge/Vikki gets out of the building a number of troops come out of the prison but can be easily killed. Once dead, Sarge/Vikki makes with way into the camp itself where he/she finds more lightly trained troops but regulars as well, that are harder to kill. As he/she dispatches them, Sarge/Vikki also takes out the tan vehicles and gains acess to the hq, once inside he/she encounters more tan troops as well as an officer who is much harder to kill. though Sarge/Vikki is able to kill the tan soldiers and get their maps. Once the maps are recovered, Sarge/Vikki makes it to a helicopter pad and calls for pick up.

level 3 area 41

Soon after being dropped off, Sarge/Vikki must destroy a series of gun towers and deal with tan scouts, once taking out both he/she comes out onto an airfield where planes are taking off. If a single one is destroyed the planes will sieze taking off . Once crossing the airfield, Sarge/Vikki comes across a minefield and goes around, once around he/she destroyed and gains entrance to the base itself where he/she sees a crashed alien spacecraft, it is obvious the aliens and tans had made a pact as the alien troops side fight alongside the tan troops. After fighting his/her way through, he/she encounters a rocket trooper but even the rocket trooper could not stop Sarge/Vikki, The sarge/Vikki entered a hospital hanger.