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This article is about the overall Army Men game series. For the game Army Men released in 1998, see Army Men (game).

Army Men[]

Army Men was a series of computer and video games produced by 3DO from 1998 to 2004, and by Crave Entertainment and Global Star Software from 2004 to 2006. It has been managed until now by Destination Software, Inc. Now under Zoo Games, Inc.


The plot focused of four nations of plastic toy soldiers, with other nations making minor appearances. Early games were more serious, with the only reminder that your men were plastic being that when they died, they would melt or shatter. However, the series later took on a more light-hearted tone as the Army Men discovered the Real World and held battle at, for example, kitchen counters or flower gardens.


The games were inspired by commonplace toy soldiers, often known as green army men. These figures were originally produced as cheap copies of tin figures. Now, they are some of the most well known toys in the world.


The series consisted of 25 games.

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