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The AWOL Green Colonel is a minor antagonist of the campaign in Army Men II. He was originally there to monitor Tan activity in a jungle-Pacific region of the Plastic World, however he went dark. He is later discovered by Sarge to have created a cult of renagade Green, Tan, Blue, and Grey soldiers who wish to destroy all the warring factions in order to create world peace. This is seen as not only treason, but a clear sign of the Colonel's insanity by the Green Command and upon being told this orders Sarge to terminate him as he is a threat to all. After a pursuing the Colonel through the island jungles to a portal in the Real World, all while engaging the cultists, Sarge and his men finally kill the Colonel.


He is heavily inspired by and based upon the main antagonist of the film Apocalypse Now: the renegade U.S. Colonel Walter Kurtz. Kurtz is sent to Vietnam to raise a army of local Vietnamese and Cambodian natives in order to combat the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong.

Unlike Kurtz however, the AWOL Green Colonel intended to eliminate all sides, while Kurtz if anything only waged war against his (the United States') enemy, the NVA and VC.